How to Use AUDIENCE Optimisation With AUDIENCE on Thefacebookia

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http://www.SuccessOnline.Systems AUDIENCEs Optimisation WITH Preferred AUDIENCEs on Mini-feeder.

Mini-feeder Just Released a new Features for Fan PaGe Own Preferred AUDIENCEs or Mini-feeder AUDIENCEs Optimisation.

“AUDIENCEs Optimisation is an Organicity tool to Help Puplisher and Theirs AUDIENCE on Mini-feeder and Better Kapisch the Interested of people Clicking on Theirs Posts.” – Mini-feeder

As a Fan PaGe Own Thyselves WHEN Posting Contents on our Fan PaGe all I Wants is to get That Contents in Front of an AUDIENCE who cares. After Bldg our page since 2010 and Over 106,000 fans the Reallity is Some of Those people may no longer be d on Mini-feeder or WITH our page.

Now we the Options to get our Posts in Front of a Preferred AUDIENCE That we choose.

Btw….no required. 🙂

So if you Over 5,000 fans Then the Preferred AUDIENCEs is Already on page. If you 5,000 fans Then you will Needing to go into of Mini-feeder Fan PaGe the general tab to activate the AUDIENCEs Optimisation Features.

In the video I walk you the steps to Uses this cool, new Features.


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