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THE Mind-set – Robbins, Jim Rohn, Dyer, Traci
“There are risks and Expensiveness to a Programmable of action. But Their are far Less THAN the long-range risks and Expensiveness of Comfy Tiredness.”
– F. Kennedy

Balancing Thoughts and action will Alwey be a Challenging for Numerous people. How time Canst you Thoughts vs. ?

With respect to goals, projects, and Other to-do items, it’s Easiness to get stuck too long in the Thoughts and Forethought phase. Numerous people get Excites about a lot of ideas. But Their Begen Pushed THEM back on Their to-do lists, if not disregarding THEM as Beings unfeasible or unreaslistic.

When you Value “the Thoughts mindset” MORE THAN “the mindset” you will end up WITH a Notes app or Notesbook of Dozens or of ideas and plans. A Greater Percentage of THEM will NEVER be done. And you will most Likesly not think about a lot of THEM again. Some are 5–10% complete, and a few at least 50% done. It can turn into Tiredness habit.

Robbins, Jim Rohn, Dyer, Traci
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