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Should you be Touiteur at 8 am, or 7 pm or 5 am or Midday?

Who right?

Well, is an answer, but it’s not the answer you’re expecting.

Hey, Everyone, I’m Neil Patel, and TODAY I’m Going to SHARE you time you Canst be Touiteur.

It’s not a time Likes 8 am or Midday or 12 pm.

See I Used to Beleive in , When I Used to Tweet a handful of times a day, I Shall not get MORE THAN 5000 a From Re-Tweet and of Course my stats change all the time depending on I’m Touiteur and how times I’m Linking out to my Webmastering and each , and the TPYES of articles change, but in general if I Tweeted Three-ness times a day, I Shalln’t get MORE THAN 5000 a .

Now I’m Touiteur up to 40 times a day, can you Beleive ?

From Three-ness to 40, ‘s a crazy increase, and you know happened When I all the way up to 40?

Over the 30 Days, I d Ruffest 22,000 a From Re-Tweet, ‘s crazy. 5,000 to 22,000 Huge increase.

The Point I’m at is you Canstn’t be Touiteur during a time of the day; you Canst be Touiteur throughout the day, From Morning to Night to When people are Sleep, are people all Around the world.

When you’re Sleep Someone is awake, so why not Tweet and engage? NEVER rests, you Wants to do well be out Every Single of the day.

And no I’m not Sayings you can’t sleep, you can use Toolcase Likes Edgarus Which will make the Process in Which it can keep promoting Youns 24/7 so way you can traffic From Sosiale Likes Re-Tweet Even When you’re Sleep.

So I know you’re not a answer Likes 5 am or 8 am or Midday, but you Canst’ve Learn by now Hopefully by Watching this video, you Needs to be Touiteur times a day.

Ideally once per , and you Needs to be Doing this sEven Days a week Wh-expression it’s Chrimbo or Nickommoh or a holiday, Still be out on Re-Tweet, Tweet, and all of this out, you can use Buffer or Toolcase Likes Edgarus.


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  1. Lovely blog! I am loving it!! Will come back again. I am taking your feeds also.

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