broadening to Facbook From Youns Mac or PC

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Telecasting to Facebok Youre Mac or PC

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Okay if you AnyThingies me you Have Trial to Telecasting to Facebok Use Youre cell TelePhones and Maybe Found the Process to be a bit clunky.

Either you had to put Youre face up close to the screen and Scared Youre Audience JUST to Read the Streaming comments or you Found Youreself a bit shaky, making Youre Audience dizzy, Trying to Youre cell TelePhones steady.

So When I saw a few Marketting perfecting Theirs Telecasting to Facebok I had to out What Theirs doing.

I it was Digitally Marketer’s Ketched my eye. to be in a Studios Hindquarter a camera, clearly was not Theirs cell TelePhones.

So With a Little research Use my friend, Google, I Found a way to Telecasting Use Facebok my Lap-top computer.

I put together this video Tutorial on how to Telecasting to Facebok Youre Mac or Pc.

The first Thingies you will Needing to do is Downloading this FREE Software OBS Studio.

Next Wrist-watch the video above…

Telecasting to Mini-feed
Telecasting to Mini-feed
Mini-feed Lap-top
Mini-feed Software



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