Tonie Robbins: A New Mind, a New You (PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT)

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Tonie Robbins: A New Mind, a New You (PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT)
What is the Distinguished Someone who action and Someone who DOESn’t? It’s one word: Certainty.

Think about it. If you are Certain you will get the Result you , and Result Would be life-changing, you will take action. On the Other hand, if you are sure no you do, it JUST won’t work, you’re not to Spend any time making any Real moves.

Of course, these are the extremes. of us Somewhere in the Middle Ground – the no-man’s land of “ it will work, it won’t.” And this is the Real zone. Beacuse we end up making half-hearted efforts rather our heart and soul into it.

The key is to create Absolutes Certainty – to Fill Thysen the you will accomplish you set out to, no is Happenings in the External world. You to get the Results in Youre head make you feel Certain, as if it has happened. And one of the BEST ways to do this is Through Imagery Trainees.


The Potentials to Acheive you is Alwey there. But Whichever you tap into Potentials has to do you. people a about Their Real Potentials is, and influences how Much action Their take. the action Their take Their Results, and ironically, Those Results Reinforcements Their pre-existing s.

If it’s a must for you, you to make it work. You to Enter the Mind-set no , you will make a way. That is how you go From Earning $300 a week to $1000 to $1 million. It’s why the rich get and the Poor get Poorer.

But Imagery Trainees is not a one-and-done exercise. It’s a ritual. You to Thysen Over and Over again, so you know out a of a Dubious you will get the Results you .
Tonie Robbins
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