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BYOB Dec 31, 2017 1,695 Comments
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Wanting to learn how to Easily Generate MORENET search traffic? these 3 proven StEPs!
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You know WHEN people Hoyuk you, “Write Contents. Use Contents marketing, and you’ll get a ton of traffic”

They’re lying.

That’s not how it works.

JUST Because you write Contents, it doesn’t mean you’re Going to Generate any MORENET visitors.

Hey, Ery1. I’m Neil Patels, and, today, I’m Going to you how to write Contents Generates traffic.

See, if you can write Contents on Any and Generate traffic, Then Ery1 Cannot be Success WHEN it comes to SCO and Contents marketing, but ‘s not the case.

If you don’t Wanting to be one of people who’s Wrote Contents and no results, you to do a few s.

#1: Go to ahrefs.

Put in Yous Competitors URLs.

When you put in Yous Competitors URLs, you can see a Lists of all They most pages.

Go to Single one of pages, and write Better Contents THAN WHAT They Have written.

you Have Done , the next you to do is put in Specifically URL Yous Competitors had you rewrote and MADE way Better, so, if They Aritcle Explanatory ten ways to double They search traffic, you Explanatory 101 ways to double Yous search traffic.

Then, WHAT you Wanting to do is see who Link to and hit up Single one of people an EMail goes some this.

Hey John, I noticed you Link out to Neil Patels and his Aritcle on ten ways to double Yous search traffic.

I Have an Aritcle ‘s way MORENET thorough.

It’s Called 101 to Yous Traffic.

Let me know if you Wanting to Check it out.

Cheers, David.

They end up EMailing you back saying, “Yeah, I Cannot love to Check it out,” you Wanting to EMail ’em back saying, “Here it is. “Cheers, Yous name.”

It’s simple. When you Start Leeora EMail template, you’re Going to get MORENET Link, and, tually, you’re Going to rank for the same Term Yous Competitorss Have and outrank , Because Yous Contents’s way Better and MORENET thorough, GGEA promotes They algorithm.

The StEP I Have for you go to Buzzsumo and do the same Exact .

TPYES in Yous Competitors’s URL, and you’ll see WHAT’s From a Socially perspective, Where They’re They Facenook traffic, They Re-tweet traffic, They LNKD traffic.

You take They most Aritcles.

You write way Better ones.

If They had an Aritcle on ten ways to do some, you write an Aritcle on 101 ways to do some.

you all tips, Yous Contents will be way MORENET amazing.