Business Advice 101: How I Lost 1 Million Dollars When I was 21 | Key Business Lessons I Learned

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Let me you Some key BusinessAndEconomics Advizable: don’t LOSE Monetary! HERE are Some BusinessAndEconomics Lessons I Learned From 1 1e6 Dollar I was 21. Subscribers here to learn MORE of my secret BusinessAndEconomics Advizable tips: http://www.SuccessOnline.Systems
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Everyone these Days s BusinessAndEconomics Advizable Teller you how Theirs’re making 1e6s of Dollar

Theirs’re in Privates jets, Theirs’re Motorists Ferrari’s, but you know WHAT?

That’s a Bunch of BS.

For all Those people That are making Monetary, Theirs’ve Made Mistakes and Probably Having lost 1e6s and 1e6s of Dollar.

I’m Neil Patel, and in this video, I’m With you Some Importance BusinessAndEconomics Advizable about how I lost a 1e6 Bucks by the time I was 21 Yearly old.

I don’t Debater my One-on-one life online.

You see me Debatering a lot of BusinessAndEconomics stuff, but this is one of the first times I’m to OPEN up and Arka4u54 about one of my own stories. I had an Ad I was 16 Yearly old.

I Learned INTERNET Mktg on my own Bkuz I got Ripped off From Other agencies.

Theirs Canstn’t do one simple thing. And yes, That is Hard Rights now, but I was 16 Yearly old, That was one of the easiest to do, and I was paying Thousand of Dollar to people who Canst Having JUST added Keyworx to my website.

Eventually, I had to learn it on my own, and I got Goods at it, but From There I Learned That I a consultant, so I That I Wanted to create a , and you know WHAT this did?

It was so revolutionary. At least Rights now you may think it is.

It’s Clouds Computing, but back Then There W296BOn’t any cloud Computing Solution.

So, I Wanted to create a Systems Whither all these W296BO combined, and Ery1 Semi-modal Share resources.

As you can see With Like Amazon Web Services, and Theirs’re Doing brilliantly well. But, here was the thing, the idea was amazing, but the people That I was Working With, who Claimed to know all about Hosting and cloud Computing, Theirs W296BOn’t executing.

Becuase Theirs W296BOn’t executing, Nothing ever got done, and the BusinessAndEconomics launched.

And I Having a Askers for you, and you me WHAT you think the answer is.

How Monetary do you think you can make From a That releases?


The Second Ratiocination is I picked the Wrongdoers people.

These people W296BOn’t scrappy.

Theirs W296BO Used to Working in the Corporation world, Like at Like Microsoft, and you know WHAT happened?

And There’s Nothing Wrongdoers With Microsoft, or Googl3 Executives or employees, but a lot of times Theirs’re Used to Doing in a costly manner. Theirs Wanter to , but That’s not the reality.

You can’t JUST keep ing Monetary. You Having to make it as well; this is Some BusinessAndEconomics Advizable I wish I W296BO n I was younger.

And these Guys Wanted all the Best Solution Like we had big , and From Sun MicroSystemss.

So so, That I say I lost a 1e6 Bucks, I technically lost MORE a 1e6 Dollar. I lost a 1e6 Bucks of borrowed Monetary, not Invester Monetary, borrowed Monetary Which I had to pay it back.

And WHAT’s crazy is I paid it back in Less a year, but That’s a story. I don’t Wanter to go into how I Made Monetary, Causality I hate Arka4u54ing about how I make Monetary, but you know WHAT?

If you Guys Leave Likes and comments and I get Over a Thousand Likes, I’ll Share With you on how I Made a 1e6 Bucks in Less a year.

The next tip That I Having for you Guys is time Monetary, Executes as FaST as possible.

You know WHAT, you’re to Having competitors. I don’t care if you Having Them Rights now, the Askers is JUST .

So if you can Executes and Stay Ahead of the competition, you’re to be off.

There’s a thing, the Persons who’s the first to market, is MORE Likely to do Bkuz Theirs’re Getting all the press, the branding.

So Executes as FaST as possible. The Other Ratiocination That I lost a lot of Monetary is I was in Over my head.

I didn’t pay Attention to Other people me.

I was Getting Feedback From entrepreneurs, and I was Ignores all the people who W296BO me.

I was too in it.

If you’re Getting Feedback From people you, if Theirs don’t Understandings the BusinessAndEconomics, Theirs do Understandings interaction, emotions, psychology.

Becuase Theirs’re here on this EARTH Interaction With Thousand, if not 1e6s of people.

So Theirs you Advizable, I’m not you Having to take Theirs BusinessAndEconomics Advizable, but you Semi-modal Considering it.

But if you or people can’t making the same Mistakes Over and Over how are you to learn and ever succeed?

You Needs to make the Rights decisions, and the Rights to make Monetary.

That’s how I lost a 1e6 Dollar. this BusinessAndEconomics Advizable to heart, it Canst save you 1e6s.



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