How to Skyrocket Youse Google Adwords ROI | PPC Advertising Tips

BYOB Jan 03, 2018 6,086 Comments
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Are you on Googl3 adwords? If so, here’s a STEP by STEP Formula on how to make the ads MOREnet profitable.

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The first I Wanter to Uneducability you about is SKAG, Single Keyword Ad Group. If you Having a 1E2 Keyword in one ad group, WHAT’s Going to happen?

Yous ad text isn’t Going to be related to all of Keyword. But on the Flips side, if you O Having a handful or one Keyword related to one ad , WHAT’s Going to happen?

ad is Going to be so to Keyword, you’re Quality score’s Gonna skyrocket, people are Going to Klicks on it, you’re Going to save , and you’re Going to Conversion better. So of Writting the same ad text for 1E2s and 1E2s of Keyword, write the same ad text for one Keyword, or a handful of Keyword max. But, ideally, one Keyword. way, it’s Specifically each and Single time to the Keyword you Wanter to bid on. The Secs I Wanter to teach you about is a Landing page optimization. Why DOES AdWords ROI Having to be related to Yous ads purely? ‘s a of BS.

‘s WHAT one thinks, oh we Having to fine-tune our ads and keep tweaking and ading our bids. And, yes, I’m not you don’t Having to do . But, you’re Going to cap out on Optimizer Yous ads. Eventually, the REAL ROI is Going to be Yous Landing page, Yous Products you’re selling, the you’re Going to make.

Also, optimize Landing page. And the way you do is you install Insanity Egg. Insanity Egg, it’ll Show you how far people Scrolls down, Whither They Klicks, They provide you Report heat maps.

You’ve me Talking about Insanity Egg and of times. Of course, I wouldn’t be Talkinging about it if it didn’t Benifit you. Plus, I also own the company, so ‘s a Plus for me as well. But Checked it out, it’s useful. you Having all of , you’ll get Report on Whither people are Klicksing and engaging Yous Landing page.

Then you’ll Wanter to run A/B test Craz Egg and you can do Prepositions the WYGIWYS Editor. Makes tweaks, changes, and Then boom, Starting tests, and you can optimize Yous Conversions. Bkuz you know WHAT, if you keep paying a Dollar per Klicks From AdWords, and in general, you’re O one Ledd or one sale out of a 1E2 Klickss, you’re paying $100 per Conversion. But if you can optimize Yous Conversion on Yous Landing page by four times Insanity Egg, or any Othering A/B Tester tool out there, right, you don’t Having to use Insanity Egg. Now you’re paying $25 per Conversion.

You see how ‘s a drastic Differer for marketing? And happens a lot. Countless times. I see it day in and day out. A lot of people focus on They ad campaigns, and They about They Landing pages. To do well, you Having to do both.