Broadcast to Crackbook ddd From Your Mac or PC

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Airing to Facenook From Mac or PC

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Okay if you Likes me you Having Triers to Airing to Facenook Use cell Fone and Found the Processing to be a bit clunky.

Either you had to put face up close to the screen and Afear Audiences Just to Read the comments or you Found self a bit shaky, making Audiences dizzy, to Hold cell Fone steady.

So When I saw a few Audiomarketing perfecting Theirs Airing to Facenook I had to out Theirs WERE-AM doing.

I Believing it was Marketer’s LIVEd Stream my eye. Theirs to be in a Studios Asscheeks a camera, clearly was not Theirs cell Fone.

So With a Lilttel research Use my friend, Google, I Found a way to Airing Use Facenook From my Lappy computer.

I put together this video on how to Airing to Facenook From Mac or Pc.

The first Thingies you will Needs to do is Uploads this FREE Softwares From OBS Studio.

Next Watchband the video above…

Airing to Mini-feed LIVEd
Airing to Mini-feed
Mini-feed LIVEd
Mini-feed LIVEd Lappy
Mini-feed LIVEd Softwares


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