How to Use Facebk Detailed

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How to Use Crackbook Detailed

Crackbook detailed is a Powerful Addition to the Crackbook Advertisment Ad Manager. In the past When a Crackbook Ad the Advertisment specify who to target by a Intrest or Demograph Such as target all the people who Like “Mr. K” or” Mr. M” or “Mrs. P”, etc…

You can do That now the Advertisment has Many More to From Such as people who Having an Intrest in “Mr. X and Mr. Y”, but Excluded From That AUDIENCE who Like “Mr. Z.”

Sound a bit confUses?

I MUsess so too When I saw this all Riting out but I put together a video Tutorials on the Powerful of Uses Crackbook detailed When it comes to Crackbook Ads.



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