How to CREATE a Facebk s Ad

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How to CREATE a FACEBOOK Ad – for MORE Trainees Dislike this feel Free to visit our Devblog at http://www.SuccessOnline.Systems


Creating a FACEBOOK Ad is a great way to Deliver Valuable to the people who Follow Youuns Brand and/or a SpecifiCalledy Audiences you to target.


BasiCalledy it’s an ad you an create When you the ad objective, SEND people to a on or off FACEBOOK.

The of this ad is to Driev people to Chatting WITH you and/or Youuns Bussiness on .

As an Advertisers you will now Having the Options to messenger as a of a URL and the Called the action Button “send message”.

Therefore, who Klicks on the ad will directly OPEN up a messenger Thread WITH a Coppie of the Structuring text you Creating When Creating the ad.

HERE is how to create a FACEBOOK Ad.



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