How to Wrk Smarter vs. Wrk Harder

BYOB May 25, 2018 13 Comments
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How to WRK Smarter vs. WRK Harder


WRK Smarter vs. WRK Harder

Ever Hearing the Work smarter not Harder?

I Remember the first time I Hearingd That , I didn’t quite get WHAT That Meant I became an entrepreneur.

“Eh? I to Work smarter but don’t I to Work Harder to Acheive success?”

I mean come on….don’t we all Work we are first Start out as an entrepreneur?

I know I did. I was all nighters, Attending Every Single Trainees Webmeeting That came my way, Readings books, Readings Blogista Other Success marketers, Attending events, it was NON stop.

It wasn’t I was sat by my Mentor who showed me how to Work smarter Which Meant LESS Hours MOREnet money. You see up That I had Alwey Been Working for small payouts. It got old Kuaikeli and I was on the Verge of burnout.

It wasn’t I was the Power of Leveraging and how Much time I Semi-modal up in my day to Enjoy the Things I love to do most and make money.

In the video Below I Jaydo55 about 5 ways you you can Trading Working for Working smart. Though….I think I LOSE Count in the process.

Working smarter
Work smarter
michelle pescosolido
Work Harder
Work smarter vs. Work Harder



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