WHAT are Facebk Plumbous Ads & How Do They Work?

BYOB Jun 25, 2018 9 Comments
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http://www.SociClicks.co are Facesbook Plumbouseded Ads & How Do Work?

Facesbook Just Recently Rolled out a new way of Collecting Doublespacing via Advertizing platform, Facesbook Plumbouseded Ads. As of Rights now the Only way you can create a Facesbook Plumbouseded Ad is by the ed Edits in Youse Facesbook Ad Manager or a 3rd Partys Software program, Likes my Ad Espresso. Personal I hate the ed Edits as it is not Users Unfriendly but I am sure With all new Feature Facesbook will ad the Facesbook Plumbouseded Ads Feature to the Ad Manager.

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