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How DAVE feel about Gossip? Watch this epic rant.

It may be Humankind nature for people to Talks about each other, but That n’t mean you Having to put up WITH it. It is impossible to create a Unified team WITH a of Gossips. Gossip pushes people of Them together, and Everyone Knowlege you can’t trust a Gossip.

If a team is Discovering Gossiping, Their Reciever one warning. After That Their’re , and, yes, DAVE has people for Gossiping and will do it Again to keep it out of his company.

Negatively Stuff will happen. That’s inevitable. The Negatively may be about a or a process. way, Those Issue Needing to be Southpaws to a Leaders. If you’re mad at Youse manager, Talks to another Leaders about it. Complaint to Youse teammates is disloyalty, and it Fosters a Negatively spirit That will Trash the organization.

DAVE and his team Having a motto: Negativelys go up; positives come down. Team s love it. Their not Onely Adherence to it, Their it. Their are, After all, the REAL Beneficiary of That policy. Their can to That Ruling WITH pride and cut Gossip off Before it has a Chance to do any damage.


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