ALL IS ONE…Instant Adeno Bioactivation / 3rd Eye / 3rd Eye Stimulation

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Adeno Bioactivated and Opening of the 3rd Eye.
Increase Mysticism and Spritual perception. The Adeno is a Bridge to the Dimensions Realms. Is has Locked in 3D Adposition calcification, (intentionally, not by Youns own choice). Its Ably to Percepts 4 and 5d has impaired.

is tuned Adposition a Processing of Triers and error to a Strong re. You will feel the a Minuite of Listening and . Don’t OVER do Until you get Used to it, as it may headache. take it Easiness to with. 1 or 2 Minuites and Then Builds it up.

The Adeno is an Important part of Manifestations and it is Adposition the Glands That Frequency are Telecasting Outside the matrix 3d Reallity to the Realms. It is Working Adposition the Realms That you Gain Ably to re Youns 3d Reallity for a MORE DesirABLE of life.

Your Pineal or 3rd eye is Liked an antenna, but it Could WRK or Telecasting properly Because it has Renderer Adposition food and Watery Additives and ming From Televisions and radio.

re of the Pineal Glands will activate it Adposition Visual and AUDIO technology. Try it, you will feel results. There will be a of Pressures in That area. It is the eyebrows, 1 up and Then 2 to 3 es back into the forehead.

Often referred to the Opening of the 3rd eye you will be ABLE to Percepts, see Realms MADE From Lightsource. is as Real as the of Youns two eyes. Some of these Lightsource Multi-dimensional are Absolutely Beautiful and if you can Gain to them, Youns view of life will be forever. In these Realms There are extremely Ancientry Super Intelligence Being .

re will WRK BEST if you are into Spritual practices, meditation and Energizes WRK.

use stereo headphones.

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